10 Jewelry Essentials Women Should Have in Their Wardrobe

Every lady needs a few pieces of jewelry that can change an ensemble from day to night in a couple of moments. This classic jewelry, which includes diamonds and pearls, can wear with any outfit to add a touch of elegance. Whatever your style, there are a few jewelry essentials that every woman should own because they are everlasting and can wear with any attire.

Bright pearls and jewels should be in every woman’s jewelry box to give attitude to any outfit. Do you have a hard time figuring out where to begin? Allow this jewelry blogger to show which are the top 10 Jewelry Essentials Women Should Have in Their Wardrobe.

Let’s commence

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1. Stud Earrings As an Essential Jewelry

Stud earrings

Stud earrings are arguably the most classic earring design ever, and they go with everything. They’re suitable for every occasion, from running errands to attending a glamorous nighttime event. Despite its basic form, studs come in a wide range of styles, including the classic diamond stud, stud earrings with small clusters of jewels, and gorgeous shaped variations, such as heart-shaped studs.

Stud earrings

Stud earrings are great because they’re refined and comfortable. But what if you want something with a little more pop? This situation is the perfect time to wear a pair of teardrop earrings.

Stud earrings

Wearing this style of earrings will instantly enhance your outfit. You can easily create a casual or more formal look with this essential jewelry staple. Best of all, the smart design of teardrop earrings makes them very comfortable to wear.

Stud earrings

As far as which style to choose, amber is a really great option. Amber jewelry has a unique look that’s very flattering. It’s also very light, which adds to the comfort of these earrings.

2. The Rings As an Essential Jewelry

What better way to compliment your favorite outfit than with a beautiful Right-Hand Ring?! Today’s women are celebrating themselves and marking milestones by buying their own fashionable rings. From traditional to modern, any of our styles can be worn as an engagement ring or right-hand cocktail ring.


Rings offer you a diverse range to pick according to your budget, and at the same time, lets you put on a show. You can opt for small, simple rings for a girl-next-door look, or those funky ones to showcase your rebellious side, or opt for statement jewelry like solitaires, emeralds, sapphires, and other precious stone rings, emitting grace, elegance, clout, and class.

Ring Is An Essential Jewelry

Different styles of rings serve different purposes, but having a few rings like a statement ring, and a couple of casual ones, will solve your purpose if you don’t like accessorizing too much.

Statement rings must-have in every woman’s jewelry collection. Dazzling cocktail rings dress up any outfit and, while they have traditionally worn in the evening, these statement rings don’t have to just be for the weekend – they’re a great way to add a personal touch to your work outfit, too! Classic cocktail ring designs offer a large gemstone or diamond, typically surrounded by smaller ones for extra sparkle.

Ring Is An Essential Jewelry

Rings offer you a diverse range to pick according to your budget, and at the same time, lets you put on a show. You can opt for small, simple rings for a girl-next-door look, or those funky ones to showcase your rebellious side, or opt for statement jewelry like solitaires, emeralds, sapphires, and other precious stone rings, emitting grace, elegance, clout, and class.

Different styles of rings

Different styles of rings serve different purposes, but having a few rings like a statement ring, and a couple of casual ones, will solve your purpose if you don’t enjoy accessorizing too much.

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3. Pearl Necklaces & Bracelets

Pearls are passed down from generation to generation because they’re iconic. The best thing about this timeless beauty is that pearl jewelry is incredibly versatile. The variety of pieces crafted with pearls is huge, which means that your choices are endless – and so are your styling options! Whether you opt for pearl earrings, a pearl bracelet, or a classic pearl necklace, you’ll look super stylish and elegant with these show-stopping pieces.

Pearl Necklaces & Bracelets

Pearl jewelry has an incredible history that dates all the way back to Ancient Greece. This bead remains part of essential jewelry thanks to its incredible luster.

This piece of jewelry is the epitome of sophistication and grace. You can even give it a modern twist by choosing a necklace that features gray or peach pearls.

Pearl Necklaces & Bracelets

A necklace isn’t the only essential piece of pearl jewelry. This precious bead works perfectly with bracelets. Having both a pearl necklace and bracelet will allow you to always have the ideal complement to any outfit in your closet.

Pearl Necklaces & Bracelets

You can choose the combination according to your event, for instance, pearl earrings are good to go for your entire day as they make you look decent, elegant, casual, and low-key at the same time. If you want to make your look more lady-like, throw in your strings too. Just wear it with your staple black dress or anything, and you are good to go for your luncheons, job interviews, get-togethers, etc.

Pearl Necklaces & Bracelets

Pearls can be worn both formally and casually, thereby making it an excellent investment.

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4. Bangles


Perfect for everyday wear, bangles elevate any outfit, making them one of the most classic jewelry pieces every woman should own. The best thing about bangles is that you can adorn your arms with a single one or stack them up, creating an exquisite and personalized look. Bangles pair well with just about everything, making them a super versatile piece to wear on a number of different occasions.

5. Pendant Necklace

Pendants are a great way to add a personal touch to your jewelry and make a statement for the world to see. Pendants allow you to wear something meaningful close to your heart, on full display – it can include your initials, your birthstone, or an amulet. Best of all, there’s no need to wear just one, as they look great paired with other necklaces of different styles or stacked with other pendants and chains.

Pendant Necklace

Some outfits look best with a piece of jewelry that really stands out. Other outfits call for a more understated piece. When you have an outfit that falls into the latter category, a pendant is the perfect essential jewelry to wear.

As you start looking at different pendants, we encourage you to pay extra attention to Roman glass and abalone. Roman glass provides the opportunity to wear a piece of history.

Pendant Necklace

That’s because this glass comes from excavation sites in Israel that date back over two thousand years. And the incredible look of abalone is like a portal into another realm.

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6. Hoops As an Essential Jewelry

A classic style that’s definitely full of attitude, hoop earrings always make a statement. Hoops never go out of style. Whether you prefer large, plain hoops or small ones encrusted with dazzling gems, these earrings can complement anything from an everyday outfit to a dressed-up, formal look. They look amazing by themselves or stacked with earrings for a bolder option.


We talked about teardrop earrings being ideal for creating a little more pop than extra. But no discussion about essential jewelry would be complete without talking about hoop earrings as well.

The great thing about this style of earrings is they make an undeniable statement. Having them in your collection means you never have to worry about an outfit being too bland.


Although there’s a lot to love about these earrings, a common concern is they’re going to be too heavy. That can be an issue with hoop earrings made from cheap metals.

The good news is as long as you choose hoops made from a metal like .925 sterling silver, they’ll feel great. You can also consider different sizes that range from 1/16″ to 1/8″ and more.


If you’re looking for classic jewelry items to add to your collection, visit Lamon Jewelers in Knoxville or Maryville, TN. Lamon Jewelers is where East Tennessee gets the best, most beautiful classic jewelry pieces. We offer a wide selection of high-quality, must-have jewelry pieces that you’ll wear and love forever.

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7. Chunky Necklace

You reach into your closet before work and pull out a blouse. You also grab a blazer in a complementary color. While you like both items, you feel like something is missing after you put them on.

Chunky Necklace

A chunky necklace is a perfect way to frame this type of outfit and tie your entire look together. Red coral is a great option for this style of necklace.

Sometimes you really want to step out of the box when it comes to accessories, and there’s no better way to add edge to an outfit than by adding a choker.

Chunky Necklace

If you’ve never accessorized with a choker, start simple. Look for a thin black one that’ll match a lot of different ensembles. Once you figure out what you like, branch out and try wacky colors or materials.

8. A Long Necklace Jewelry

Necklaces come in a variety of forms like chains, lariats, beaded strings, and opera necklaces, etc. therefore, you need to have some of these in your jewelry box to add vibrant colors to your collection.

Long Necklace

Depending on your taste and the type of event, you can stock your selection, for instance, opera necklaces are worn to formal events, and are quite attractive and handy, on top of that, adding vibrancy and freshness to your attire. So, based on the types, and your routine, you can collect a few neckpieces to help you tread through your day, smoothly.

Long Necklace

Apart from complementing most kinds of outfits, a long necklace gives you a lean appearance as well, elongating your torso, making it an entire win-win for ladies.

9. A Classic Piece Of Watch

Watches, like some of the other pieces of jewelry, are a fabulous investment in terms of style, elegance, and poise. Brands like Cartier, Omega, and Rolex are timeless pieces, and having a collection or even a single piece is an excellent addition to your jewelry selection.

Classic Piece Of Watch

If you are low on budget, you will still have an array of decent options to choose from, depending on your style and budget.

Classic Piece Of Watch

Watches are multifunctional in terms of utility and for aesthetical purposes. Always decent and in style, investing in a good watch will help you dress up graciously without accessorizing too much.

10. CUFF As an Essential Jewelry

There are times when you want your wrist to be the focal point of your outfit. A cuff is a perfect piece for these occasions. Cuffs are available in a variety of metals, shapes, and sizes.

Stacking is one of the most popular ways to style cuffs. When you stack, don’t be afraid to mix sizes and styles. Doing so will create a look that’s truly your own.

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Jewelry is a woman’s most loyal friend. What cars are to men, jewelry is to most women. All of us have our prized collection, but some pieces of jewelry are absolutely essential, for they are timeless. Investing in them is a win-win, as you can wear them all day long with all kinds of garb.

We boast about the 10 jewelry essentials women should have in their wardrobe. We strive to make your purchase a happy experience, and your collection of jewelry a timeless selection, in its purest essence. Start exploring a world of timeless and luxurious jewelry by looking at essential pieces picked just for you!

Happy shopping!

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