5 Best Styles Of Wearing Necklaces

Did you know that people have been wearing jewelry since 25,000 B.C.? Shells, stones, feathers, and bones were used to make ancient jewelry because these materials were easily available to people. Jewelry has transformed from a form of protection to a luxury item to a method to show one’s unique style. In jewelry, a necklace is the most beautiful thing and all kinds of people are always curious to know about the styles of wearing necklaces.

Necklaces are one of the easiest ways to make a big impact on your look. Whether you’re wearing a dress, sweater, or simple top—adding a necklace can add an extra level of “wow.” They’re on-trend for this year 2022 and can style in five different ways without needing too much effort. In this blog post, we will be discussing the five best styles of wearing necklaces to complement your look.

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Why Necklines Matter? 

First and foremost, it’s essential to consider that necklaces and necklines are both equally vital aspects that complement each other. Some necklaces complement certain necklines better than others, while others can detract from your overall appearance. As a result, while purchasing necklaces, keep in mind your wardrobe and the type of shirt or dress you want to wear it with.

The best way to wear a necklace with your outfit

The neckline of your dress is a good starting point for deciding what style of necklace you should wear. Necklaces are a great way to add a pop of color, sparkle, and glam to your look. Here are the 5 best styles of wearing necklaces to complement your outfit for any occasion.

The Style for V-neckline

With a V-neck outfit, you should opt for a V or Y-shaped necklace. The necklace should follow the shape of your neck so that a round necklace can look out of place with a V-neck top or dress. You should wear a necklace that fits the form of the V on your chest when wearing a V-neck or button-down top.


Avoid anything that is too broad or doesn’t compliment the v form when wearing a V-Neck. Statement bib necklaces, for example, look great with buttoned-up collared shirts and crewnecks, but they won’t look right over a V-shape because most of them fall round. You should also avoid asymmetric necklaces, as the V shape is a major aspect of the costume, much like the crew neck. An asymmetric necklace will take away from this and make the ensemble look more cluttered and fussy.

v neck style

For a classy night out, a black V-neck dress is ideal. Your curves become more noticeable and your waist seems smaller. That’s why you can find yourself wearing the same outfit over and over again. A simple necklace is appropriate for a casual dinner date. Pair your necklace with studs for a more cocktail appearance. Make sure your earrings and necklace complement one another, such as diamond studs with a diamond necklace.

If your outfit has an intricate or busy print, keep your necklace simple. If the outfit is monotone, then experiment with a more intricately designed necklace. Similarly, make sure your necklace complements the other accessories. For example, choose an understated necklace if you are using a belt or earrings to make a statement. Stay away from clashing colors, too – try to match the color of your necklace with other pieces of jewelry, your bag, or your shoes.

The style for a scoop neckline

The neckline is the perfect place to stack, layer, or show off your favorite pieces. Wear a necklace right above the neckline that takes the rounded shape of the shirt whether wearing a scoop neck or crew neck.

Scoop necklines have a deep curve and a wide neckline. This kind of neckline is the easiest for choosing necklaces, as they go well with a wide variety of styles and lengths. A good choice will take up that open space. A necklace with volume, layers, or multiple strands will look fantastic.

As versatile as they are, you should keep away from necklaces that fall below the neckline of that are so tiny they barely take up any of that large space from your neck to neckline. This means chokers and very short pendants.

Style for turtleneck

With a turtleneck, you don’t want your necklace to compete with the neck instead, you want it to compliment it. The best option for you would be a necklace that is longer and hangs closer to your chest. The necklace’s color should contrast with the top’s color.

Opera length necklaces go best with dresses that don’t show off any chest at all. This is because it gives those outfits a bold statement piece and complements the style of the more conservative neckline. These necklaces are anywhere between 22 and 32 inches long. If you want to add a bit of drama, these necklaces can be wrapped around twice for a shorter, more eye-catching look.

Style for turtleneck

The style for a strapless neckline

A bandeau or a Bardot top are examples of off-the-shoulder tops. They are both off-the-shoulder tops, but a Bardot top features sleeves. A straight across neckline that exposes off décolletage is more common on a Bardot, but a bandeau can have a more contoured neckline like a sweetie neckline. Short necklaces, such as chokers, look wonderful with these shirts since they don’t break up the ensemble and yet make your décolletage the focal point.

Bandeau or Bardot necklines are popular for off-the-shoulder shirts and dresses. Bandeaus are sleeveless and have a more youthful and sensual appearance, with necklines that fall just over the cleavage. Sleeves and a more sensuous and elegant style characterize Bardot’s, and the necklines are likely to reveal décolletage.

Short necklaces, such as chokers and short pendants, as well as statement pieces and asymmetric necklaces, are ideal for an off-the-shoulder neckline, enabling your décolletage to be the focal point of your ensemble.

Necklace styles are as varied as the clothes you wear. They attracted attention to the chest with a strapless dress. For highlight, the chest and collarbone, a choker or 16-inch uniform necklace should be used. If you don’t want to wear a necklace, opt for a bright set of earrings instead.

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The style of low cut shirt

Necklaces worn as a lariat look sexy and stylish and trendy. Lariat necklaces are a huge hit with women all around the world! You can wear this stunning diamond necklace with a low-cut top because it has a diamond at the drop-tip.

When it comes to wearing a necklace with a low-cut neckline, the best approach to think about it is to consider the situation and if it’s acceptable. With a deep V-neck, necklaces may appear incredibly sultry, but we recommend establishing the proper balance.

If you wish to wear a necklace with a deep V-neck, make it a focal point of your outfit by wearing a simple dress instead of a design, or pairing it with long sleeves or a midi-length skirt. Chokers and lariat necklaces, on the other hand, may appear incredibly sensual when paired with the proper neckline if you’re seeking for a true va-va-voom.

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Necklaces For Collared shirt or button-down

Collared shirts are quite flexible in terms of what kind of necklaces you can wear with them, surprisingly. It makes sense if you think about it. So, it all really depends on how many buttons you have. You can create unique looks simply by buttoning it differently and changing up your style of necklace.

We love to match up to our collar shirts with bib necklaces worn over the fully buttoned button up. It offers a conservative yet fun appearance. Additionally, a choker style works if you have a long neck.

Another go-to option is leaving a couple of buttons undone, which makes it essentially a V-neck and then the same rules apply from the v-neck section. Avoid any necklaces that are too wide, as there really isn’t enough space for them.

How to layer your necklace to complement your look?

Necklaces can be worn as a simple accessory or as a statement piece. The two most popular ways of wearing necklaces are layered and choker styles. The layered necklace trend is all about layering different lengths of necklaces together to create a more complex look. Choose two or three necklaces that are versatile in length and style to create a layered effect around your neckline. Here are a few more tips:

  • Contrast the shapes of the pendants while layering necklaces.
  • While it’s easier to stick to one metal color and texture, combining metal colors and textures also look excellent.
  • Each necklace should complement rather than compete with the others. If you have a choker, balance it out with a couple more modest necklaces.
  • Consider how your jewelry will complement rather than detract from your outfit.
  • When layering necklaces, try to keep the color of my top simple. This is more of a personal preference than a rule of thumb. This makes my neckline the focal point of my outfit.

How To Choose The Perfect Necklace? 

When it comes to picking a necklace form, one basic thing to remember is to match it to the curve of your neckline. Now that you’ve decided on the form, consider how heavy or delicate the necklace should be, as well as what color it should be and how much of a statement you want to make.

The right shape isn’t the only thing that makes a necklace perfect. It must also be suited for the occasion and match your overall look. Stick to daintier elements throughout the day, especially if the ensemble is basic overall. It’s simple to discover the ideal item in this world of endless possibilities, but it can also be daunting.

In Closing

With that being said, don’t overthink it, just follow the tips about the styles of wearing necklaces in this article, use your creativity, and don’t ever be afraid to be yourself and rock what you love. Different dress styles showcase your necklace the best, while other styles of gowns don’t need a necklace at all. We hope this list helps narrow down your choices to build an outfit you will look and feel your best in!

Wish you luck with your styles of wearing necklaces to compliment your look and outfit.

We hope you enjoyed this post!

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