5 Best Ways To Measure Your Ring Size

To do shopping, exercise, or get food, we no longer need to leave our homes thanks to the internet, which provides us with access to anything we can desire from anywhere in the world. In the same way, it’s important to measure your ring size before purchasing jewelry from the top jewelry stores or telling your lover about the beautiful engagement rings you’ve had your eye on.

Buying the wrong ring size can be annoying and highly costly especially shopping for rings online can be a minefield. It is particularly necessary to choose the proper ring size for a costly or sentimental ring that you want to wear every day because you don’t want to risk losing it or finding it too tight. Even if you’re willing to wear a ring on any finger, it’s still necessary to have a clear sense of the size range you’ll need for a less costly ring. 

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If you don’t know your ring size, we’ve put up this helpful guide about the 5 best ways to measure your ring size to make your online ring purchasing experience a little bit easier. Yay! A quick visit to the jeweler can help you determine your ring size, but there are also a few simple ways how to measure ring size at home.

Whether the rings are from your partner, mom, friend, or you, it’s important to get the right size. So, how do you measure your ring size and ensure that it’s the right size? In this blog, We’re here to assist if you’re having difficulty figuring it out. 

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

So, 5 Best Ways To Measure Your Ring Size

Of course, you can measure your ring size more precisely at a manufacturing jewelry store. But you can measure ring size at home in a variety of ways. Before measuring the ring size, you should know some top tips about when to measure ring size? 

When to measure ring size?

The evening is the best time to size your finger. Your fingers will reach their maximum size after a whole day. Hormones, weather, medicine, hydration, and other factors can all lead your fingers to become bigger than normal size.

The largest measurement should be used because fingers change throughout the day. Don’t measure cold fingers; they’re likely to be half a size too small at this time. To ensure that your ring size measurement is as correct as possible, we suggest measuring your fingers many times.

Best Ways To Measure Your Ring Size

How should a ring fit?

As a general rule, your ring should be snug enough on your finger to keep it from falling off, but loose enough to slip over your knuckle without effort and to enable natural fluctuations in finger size that occur during the day.

The difference in ring sizes is so minor, you’ll probably be able to wear a few sizes comfortably. If you’re in between sizes, whether you move up or down a ring size is determined by the type of ring you choose. Go up a size if the ring you choose has a wider band since it will be tighter. Go down a size for tiny, delicate rings best because they will feel looser.

How should a ring fit

How To Measure Ring Size At Home?

When it comes to getting the perfect piece of jewelry, there are 5 best and easy ways to measure your size at home. Below are some common ways how to measure ring size at home.

Measure your finger using string or floss

  • Wrap a length of string or floss around the base of your finger. To do this, you’ll need a short piece of string or paper (1.4 cm broad is ideal). Tie a knot in the string or bit of paper and make a mark with a pen where the two ends meet. 
  • Take care not to overstretch with the materials you’re using. Your ring will be too tiny if you do this. A ruler uses to measure the length of string or paper once you’ve done this. When you know your ring size, you can use this rings size chart to find your best measurement match.

Measure your finger using string or floss

Place an old ring on a ring sizing chart

Find an old ring that is comfortable for you. You can find the right size ring simply print out a ring size chart that is true to size and place your ring on each circle until you find the one that fits the inside size of your ring.

You can also measure your ring size with a ruler from the inside diameter of a ring that already fits your finger comfortably. Using your ruler, measure from edge to edge across the inside of the ring. Use the measurement-conversion table to get your ring size after taking the diameter measurement in millimeters.

Place an old ring on a ring sizing chart



Apply the measurement tape

The best and most precise way to decide your ring size is to use a measuring tape. To get the greatest results, make sure there’s enough space for your knuckle.

So, wrap the measuring tape over your finger and make a circle with it. Make sure the circle is the right size for you by moving it over your knuckles and adjusting the size. Make a note of the millimeter and use the comparison chart to measure your ring size.

Apply the measurement tape

Buy a ring sizer 

You can buy your own ring-measurement sizer for the most precise results. They aren’t very costly, and there are several choices available online, so you won’t have to leave your home to complete this step.

A tiny measuring tape or a keychain lined with a gradient are the two types of ring-sizing tools. What’s the benefit? You can use them to measure other members of your family when you’re shopping for rings.

Buy a ring sizer

Visit a jeweler

If you have the time and know of a local jeweler or high-end jewelry store, go and get your fingers measured. Make a note of the finger sizes for which you’d want to buy rings so that you have a record.

Keep in mind that the size of your fingers may change over time as a result of weight gain or loss, as well as other factors, so it’s worth checking again at a later time.

What Should You Do If Your Exact Ring Size Is Not Available?

Our online jewelry shop, like many others, sells only the most common ring sizes because there are so many different ring sizes. What if the shop doesn’t have your ring size in stock, and custom sizing isn’t an option?

It’s advisable to go with the size closest to your ring size measurement if the difference isn’t too large. If your finger size isn’t in the store’s range, you may be out of luck, since no matter how much you love a ring, it won’t fit if it’s too big or too little for any of your fingers.

Is it better to go small or large?

Is it better to go small or large?

You should always opt for a little bigger ring size than one that is too small if you’re in doubt about ring sizes or see a noticeable difference in your size from day to day. Nothing is worse than having a ring that’s either excessively tight or impossible to remove.

Rings with a wide band

As a rule of thumb, bigger sizes are needed when purchasing rings with wide bands above 7mm ring size or 0.27. It’s best to go up 1/2 size using in the US or one full-size in alphabetical ring sizing systems that are used in the UK.

Large knuckles

If you have larger knuckles, keep in mind that the ring must easily slide over your knuckle. If you have arthritis in your finger joints, take extra care while measuring your ring size.

Which Measurement System Should Be Used?

There are a number of different ways to measure your ring sizes in different countries. The most popular ring sizes are these:

  •  Alphabetical (or Wheat Sheaf) ring sizes use (for men and women) in Australia, the United Kingdom, and other nations.
  •  Numerical ring sizes use (for men and women) in the United States, Canada, and parts of Asia.

The numerical ring size system or the alphabetical sizing system is used to order a ring. Both approaches use to determine ring sizes for men and women. Different conturies’ jewelers are familiar with their own ring size systems, but they should be able to interpret the other sizes system easily.

Sizes of rings that are the most popular

Women’s ring sizes are usually used as follows:

  • UK: L½ or US: 6
  • UK: N½ or US: 7
  • UK: P½ or US: 8
  • UK: R½ or US: 9

Men’s ring sizes are usually used as follows:

  • UK: M6 ½ or US:3.5
  • UK: N7 or US: 4.0
  • UK: O7 ½  or US: 4.5
  • UK: P8 or US: 9-10

The Average Ring Size For Men And Women

The majority of men’s ring sizes range from 8 to 15, with the dominant hand’s ring size always being a half size larger. While a size 6 ring is the most common size for a woman. Most women’s weight varies depending on their lifestyle.

What should do when I measured my ring size?

When you’ve measured your ring size, the next step is the most interesting: choosing your ideal ring! You can explore our ring collection to find your desired ring. Check out our men’s rings and couples rings page for additional details. Hopefully, you like our today article about the 5 best ways to measure your ring size.

In Closing

As we discussed today, the 5 best ways to measure your ring size. In the nutshell, we can conclude that women’s ring sizes range from a size 3 to a size 9. Most women’s rings fall in between sizes 5 and 7 while the 6 Size mostly purchase. Men’s ring sizes range from a size 6 to a size 13 on average. Sizes 8 to 10-11/2 are the most popular for men’s rings. Size 9 is the most often purchased. We recommend measuring your fingers several times to ensure that your ring size is as accurate as possible. If you’re not sure where to start, these basic ring sizes will assist you.

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