9 Best Bracelets To Coordinate With Your Outfit

When it comes to bracelets for women, chain, bangle, metals, gemstones, they’re all fair game. But the best bracelets to have in your arsenal don’t fall into a specific mold. We might even say that diversifying your bracelet portfolio can have maximum effect. Like most jewelry categories, there is a subtle art to curating a look with more than one piece. And when you style them, there isn’t a steadfast formula. 

When you’re out and about, everyone gets to admire your jewelry, but you can’t walk around with a mirror checking yourself out. That’s why we love bracelets. You can actually see them while you’re wearing them. They’re a pretty reminder of how beautiful you feel and your rockin’ sense of style.

Bracelets are a fun way to spice up any outfit, but can you wear them on both wrists at once? Absolutely! While some may disagree with this, you can absolutely do it. You just need to keep some things in mind to keep yourself from going over the top.

There are all sorts of bracelets to match any occasion, so why not wear them? In honor of our love of bracelets, we’ve put together this list of the 9 best bracelets that coordinate with your outfit. Add them to your collection, and you’ll have a bracelet to match every outfit!

1. Charm bracelets

A charm bracelet is a type of best bracelet which carries personal jewelled ornaments or “charms”, such as decorative pendants or trinkets. The decorative charms usually carry personal or sentimental attachment by the owner.

charm bracelets


Usually available in silver, charm bracelets are delicate but surprisingly strong. We say that because they can hold a lot of charms. Some people like to purchase charms to commemorate events or milestones, while others cherish the creativity of putting together their own custom bracelets.

Wearing guide: 

Because they’re a bit bulky, they normally wear best alone, without any other wrist jewelry to distract. We love them with a cute tee and jeans, or a t-shirt dress.

Are charm bracelets Still in Fashion 2022?

Absolutely! When it comes to high-fashion and designer styles, charm bracelets have certainly been spotted on the runways of 2022. In addition to charm bracelets, models have been seen wearing charm necklaces, rings, and anklets too.

2. Bangles

Bangle bracelets are one of the most popular best bracelet styles, year after year. Bangles are solid bracelets that go fully around the wrist and are usually made of metal. An elegant and timeless bangle bracelet never goes out of style.



Unlike bracelets, bangles do not have a clasp. Instead, these solid bands have an opening large enough for you to slip your fingers through. Bangles are often made from metals (gold and silver are popular options), wood, or even plastic for a funky feel. Thicker bangles stand on their own, but it can be fun to wear multiple thin bangles at once. 

Wearing guide:

Bangles are versatile, so you can wear them to almost any event, whether that’s a traditional ceremony, a cocktail affair, or just to add some sparkle to your favorite jeans.

Are bangle bracelets popular in 2022?

Bangle bracelets are one of the most popular bracelet styles, year after year. Bangles are solid bracelets that go fully around the wrist and are usually made of metal. An elegant and timeless bangle bracelet never goes out of style.

3. Hair tie bangles

Hair tie bangles take the popular style of a classic bangle and add in some practical functionality. These bangles have a slight groove in the center. You put them on like a traditional bangle. Then, you slip your hair tie elastic over your wrist.

Slide it over the bangle and fit it into the groove, and voila — you’ve got your hair tie bangle! Hair tie bangles are made for travelers, doers, and girls on the go. You never know when you’ll find yourself caught with your hair blowing in the wind. Keep it out of your face with a hair tie bangle. 

4. Cuff bracelets

Cuff bracelets

Unlike bangles, which are solid rings, cuff bracelets have a gap on the inside part of the wrist. This allows you to fit them on more easily. Depending on the flexibility of the metal, you may be able to adjust the opening once or multiple times. Some cuffs are flexible enough that you can wear them anywhere on your arm, from the wrist to below the shoulder.

Wearing guide:

Some cuff bracelets have the best elegant design that fits right in with wedding attire, while others have a funkier feel that’s better with a crochet top, maxi dress, or jeans and a t-shirt.

Are bracelet cuffs in trend 2022?

Cuff bracelets are one of the most popular bracelet styles among women, year after year. Cuff bracelets, also called open cuff bracelets, bangle cuffs, cuff bangle bracelets, wrist cuffs, or just cuffs, give any outfit a trendy vibe and are perfect for stacking.

5. Wrap bracelets

Wrap bracelets give you the best look of wearing multiple bracelets stacked and layered in one effortless piece. These wrap bracelets are usually made from leather and nylon thread. Although they can be plain in design, the majority feature some sort of colorful beading, semi-precious stones, crystals, or pearls.

Wrap bracelets

As you may have guessed, you wear wrap bracelets by wrapping them around your wrist. These typically feature a leather cord bedecked with beads in an intricate pattern. 

Wearing guide:

Boho chic and always versatile, wrap bracelets are perfect for wearing with your beach coverup (or just your swimsuit), or cut-off jeans. You can even wear them as a necklace or headband!

Are wrap bracelets in style 2022?

Leather wrap bracelets have been popular on and off the runway for years. Wrap bracelets come with various adjustable lengths and fasten with a clasp. You could say they mimic the appearance of stack bracelets, however, as a single piece of jewelry, they appear much more practical.

6. Chain bracelets

Chain bracelets or link bracelets are made by connecting links together into a band and typically have a clasp closure. This style is usually made of a type of metal, like gold or sterling silver, and can be worn as a plain chain or with charms.

Chain bracelets

Chain bracelets, sometimes called link bracelets, connect tiny links of metal to form a chain. You can wear them alone, or add a charm to create your own DIY charm bracelet. 

Wearing guide:

The bracelet to rule all bracelets, chain bracelets can wear with anything. They’re perfect for work outfits, elegant affairs, or even chill days. We love them with a sweater, peeking out beneath a blazer, or adding some sparkle to a sundress.

Are wrap bracelets in style 2022?

Absolutely, they are trendy in 2022. Link chain bracelets are many woman’s favorite bracelet styles because they are so versatile. They are trendy, timeless, and stackable, and you can wear them alone or layered.

7. Tennis bracelets

According to some critics, the bracelet got its name simply because wearing diamonds while playing tennis was so unheard of, so that when Chris Evert began to wear her diamond bracelet the name tennis bracelet was given to the accessory.

Tennis bracelets

Despite their sports name, tennis bracelets are actually quite fancy. These flexible bracelets feature a string of diamonds inlaid in a chain, typically made of a precious metal like gold or silver.

 And no, you do not have to be playing tennis in order to wear them. In fact, tennis bracelets got their name from Chris Evert, the famous tennis player from the 80s who lost her diamond bracelet during a match.

Wearing guide:

You can layer tennis bracelets or let one speak for its own. They’re stunning with a cocktail dress at a charity fundraiser or a first date. They also look beautiful when paired with jeans, jean jackets, or white button-down tees.

8. Friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets are for friendship, of course. Typically these bracelets are purchased together, so you can share one with your bestie. 

Friendship bracelets

The traditional friendship bracelet is handmade from pretty threads, but today’s friendship bracelets can resemble bangles, chain bracelets, bead bracelets, or thin chains. The key is that they match and have a shared pendant, symbol, initial, or mantra engraved that reminds the friends of each other. Aww! 

Wearing guide:

We think you can wear these types of bracelets every day, but they are probably better for more casual outfits.

Are friendship bracelets still popular in 2022?

Friendship style bracelets are a fun top jewelry trend for 2022. Perhaps you’ve spotted them on the glitzy Dior runways or you might have noticed these braided beauties in your favorite department stores, or maybe you’re only hearing about this throwback jewelry trend’s reemergence right now.

9. Bead bracelets

Bead bracelets are made from loose beads, which all have a thin hole in the middle for the bracelet string or elastic to slide through. You can wear these on their own, or layer up with a bunch. 

Bead bracelets

Wearing guide:

We love bead bracelets for days at the beach, yoga, hikes, festivals, and outdoor concerts. Bust them out with your crop top and jean shorts, a flowy maxi dress, or your favorite work-from-home outfit.

Are beaded bracelets popular in 2022?

Beaded bracelets are one of the most popular bracelet styles for a reason. Beaded bracelets are affordable, durable, and what’s best, extremely versatile. A beaded bracelet can wear with a casual outfit as well as formal attire.

How To Choose The Right Bracelet For Girls?

Here are some factors to keep in mind while buying bracelets for girls.

Size: It is essential to know your wrist size before purchasing a bracelet. If you don’t know it, measure your wrist with tape. Knowing your wrist size ensures a perfect fit without being too loose or too tight.

Style: Bangle, beaded, cuff, chain, healing, and friendship bracelets are some of the styles available. You may choose according to the style you prefer or the occasion.

Usage: While most bracelets are suitable for daily wear, some are specially reserved for occasions as they are delicate, luxurious, and not ideal for everyday use.

Materials: Bracelets made of pure metals, free of lead, nickel, or any allergens, are safe on the skin and durable.

Quality: The design, materials, and style can determine how long a bracelet can last.

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