Add A Chlobo Bracelets To Your Capsule Wardrobe

If you use a capsule wardrobe for your clothes, you know how easy it is to put together an outfit and maximize your closet space. The same concept can be applied to your jewelry collection. By selecting classic, versatile Chlobo bracelets, you’ll be able to easily accessorize your outfit on a daily. 

Jewelry is personal. We all have our own tastes and reasons for wearing jewelry. Some of us like pieces with subtle sparkle, and others prefer larger pieces that make a statement. Owning a capsule wardrobe is crucial for every woman. The trending pieces are outstanding to inject into your daily style. Having a collection of basics offers timeless outfits that can be worn again and again. Especially when it’s full of investment pieces and a color palette that you can’t go wrong with.

Once you’ve collected your white tees, mom jeans, black blazers, gray bodysuits & an array of comfortable footwear, you need to figure out how to make these pieces work continuously without looking so repetitive.

In today’s article, we’re going to give you our advice on how to uplift your everyday outfits using just accessories. A gold bracelet from ChloBo, as well as their extensive collection of pendants, rings, and earrings, can dramatically change the outfit. They hold an endless amount of beauty that you can keep in your jewelry collection for years to come.

Build Your Stack with ChloBo Jewelry

ChloBo is the original bohemian stacking brand. They are renowned for their stackable bracelets, rings, and necklaces. They have their timelessly classic core collections such as Mixed Metal, Iconic, and Boho-Luxe as well as their trend lead seasonal capsules.

From concept to design, each piece takes inspiration from places and the symbolic meanings behind the charms they design. They pride themselves on providing jewelry that people can connect, relate and gain comfort from. Why not create your own stack, reflect your unique journey through life and express your personality?

ChloBo Bracelets & Bangles

ChloBo bracelets and bangles are the original stacking bracelets, famous all over the world for their beauty, loving hand-craftsmanship, and incredible collectibility. Here at Joshua James, we have handpicked the best and most beautiful ChloBo bracelets and bangles in gorgeous gold, rose gold, and silver tones, perfect for mixing, matching, and stacking. Whether you choose to create a super ChloBo bracelet stack or simply wear a single bangle for a daintier look. We’ve got a vast range of these wildly popular bangles and bracelets for you to select from, each with its own stunning ChloBo charm.

How to Wear ChloBo Bracelet?

ChloBo bracelets have taken the jewelry world by storm and are being spotted on the wrists of the rich and famous (and our fabulous team!). It’s a firm favorite here at fabulous and a very versatile collection of jewelry. ChloBo is designed and made to stack. If you like collecting jewelry, but charm collections like Pandora aren’t your style then ChloBo is for you.

Inspired by Balinese culture, each collection features Sterling Silver earrings, necklaces, rings, and iconic boho charm bracelets. The collections carry symbols with spiritual meanings and talismanic qualities, allowing the wearer to pick and choose items to tell their own story.

Some ChloBo collections feature semi-precious stones in addition to Sterling Silver, and many have 18ct Gold and Rose Gold accents. Choose from many symbols, from hearts and crosses to Evil Eyes, feathers, and Buddhas – ChloBo jewelry is a firm fabulous favorite.

1. Didi Sparkle Moon Flower Bracelet

Find your beauty within and bring it out with the Didi Sparkle Moon Flower Bracelet. Its stylish design and intricate Moon Flower charm work with every outfit; smart, casual, dressy. When worn with matching Moon Flower Hoops, and Moon Flower Necklace it increases positive vibrations.

Didi Sparkle Moon Flower Bracelet

2. Positive Vibes Bracelet

Combine all of your seven Chakras in one show-stopping bracelet, to bring together positive vibes and get a full-body balance instantaneously. The Positive Vibes Bracelet is the perfect ChloBo bracelet to get the complete optimum state of health and happiness.

Positive Vibes Bracelet

3. ChloBo Cute Charm Hummingbird Bracelet, Gold

The original Cute Charm Hummingbird Bracelet is a long-standing icon in the ChloBo collection. It features the angel wing charm which is worn as a symbol of love, comfort, guidance, and protection. Featuring 925 sterling silver 4mm and 6mm beads, this stylish stacker pairs well with other stacking bracelets for a style with real meaning.

ChloBo Cute Charm Hummingbird Bracelet

4. Cute Charm Heart In Feather Bracelet

Made with 925 sterling silver, the Cute Charm Heart In Feather Bracelet encapsulates a small delicate heart in the feather charm. The feather is as a reminder that you are never alone and the heart is as a symbol of love.

Cute Charm Heart In Feather Bracelet

5. Mystic Nights Bracelet

Made with 925 sterling silver, the Cute Charm Heart In Feather Bracelet encapsulates a small delicate heart in the feather charm. The feather is worn as a reminder that you are never alone and the heart is worn as a symbol of love.

Mystic Nights Bracelet

6. Story Of Love Bracelet

Make a simple style statement with our pearl layering bracelet. Build it into your stack for extra sparkle and added texture or wear it on its own for an elegant standalone look.

Freshwater Pearls add another layer of meaning for love, luck, and loyalty. Available in 18cm with 925 sterling silver beads or gold plating and our children’s size of 15cm in 925 sterling silver.

Story Of Love Bracelet

7. Wisdom And Guidance Set Of 2

Take the time to protect yourself from negative energy and let the stars guide you towards happiness. Be the light that is needed to shine at dusk with the star layering bracelet and wear the tassel to ward away negativity.

Wisdom And Guidance Set Of 2

The tassel bracelet incorporates the semi-precious stone Labradorite, worn to help guide us through change and provide us with the strength and perseverance we might need to achieve it. Labradorite is also believed to help us feel balanced, grounded, and enhance our intuition.

8. Personalized Multi Rice Bracelet

Bar cut and saucer beads make up this beautiful charm bracelet. Perfectly paired with any of our engravable charms allowing your wrist to sparkle with 925 sterling silver or gold plated beads.

Personalized Multi Rice Bracelet

Choose the charm that means the most to you:

Moon & Star Charm: As each day falls to dusk, a pure and creative mind allows you to watch the magic come alive. Send your wishes into the night sky and inscribe something which means the most to you. Gift yourself or another with the hope and guidance to reach for the stars. 

Heart Charm: Love for yourself, love for others, and just because ‘I Love You. Let your love grow by keeping them close to your heart.

Star Charm: It is time to shoot for the stars and follow the path to our ultimate destiny. Watch the stars glisten and shine for everyone to see.

How to Match ChloBo Bracelets With Your Outfit?

The Little Black Dress

We all have an LBD in our wardrobe as a fail-safe outfit for when “you have nothing to wear” or haven’t had the chance to plan an outfit for an event. The little black dress always comes in handy, making it an essential piece for your capsule wardrobe. 

The great thing about an all-black outfit is that you can spruce it up easily. We’ve selected a few ChloBo bracelets from their newest collection, ‘Sacred Earth,’ which have only bold and gorgeous statements. This collection includes the spiritual significance of the Greek notion of the four elements, with earth, wind, fire, and water-inspired pieces. These pieces speak to the wearer and ultimately make the perfect pieces for stacking together a consistent theme.

Mom Jeans & Black Blazer

Now, this is a look that we’ve accomplished at least once or twice in our time. You can’t go wrong with a black blazer, white tee, and a pair of blue denim jeans. It’s classic and forever stylish, something we love to see here at Joshua James. To keep this style effortlessly chic, we have paired it with a mixed metal look using a ChloBo gold bracelet combo.

Get your hands on this New Look Black Pocket Oversized Blazer and match it up with ChloBo’s Triple Skies Bracelet, Gold & Silver Sparkle Sun Bracelet & Gold Rhythm of Water Bracelet for cosmic sky matching. Focusing on the sun, a symbol of power, passion, and growth, this is a lovely sentiment that’ll finish off such a monochromatic look.

Jeans & A Nice Top

After a blazer and jean combination, we, of course, had to include the simple but very effective jeans and a nice top look. This boohoo Puff Sleeve Button Up Blouse is a gorgeous sage color that works gorgeously when paired with gold accessories. As this is a very feminine and girly blouse, we feel a bit of edging up needed.

That’s why for this look, we have used the Gold Sacred Sound Bracelet, Gold Dancing Waves Bracelet & Gold The Tide Bracelet for something a little more bulky and statemented. These bracelets complement each other in every sense of the world, and to top it off. They were all designed with inspiration from the natural beauty of the ocean.

Shirt Dress

If you have a shirt dress in your collection, you’re doing it all right. This mustard Ochre Tie Waist Shirt Dress from Dorothy Perkins is a piece that’ll never go out of fashion. This yellow color is constantly on the high street in the Spring/Summer. So it’s only natural to be fully prepared for the warmer months with a comfy, flowing, and well-themed shirt dress.

To make this bright color jump out, even more, we have paired it with pearl and gold ChloBo bracelets. The pearls contrast well with the golden tones, and the striking Bracelet brings everything together for a well-balanced look. The Gold & Pearl Personalised Sparkle Rice Moon & Stars Charm Bracelet go well with the padlock.

Bodysuit & Jeans

If you’re not wearing a cami or tank top, it’s going to be a bodysuit. The bodysuit has recently become a key staple in every girl’s wardrobe. Not only do they offer a fit to complement your silhouette, but they’re incredibly comfortable and stylish. This Recycled Petite Camel Rib Racer Bodysuit and light blue wash jeans look is certainly missing some accessories.

If the outfit is very much a plain base, it allows for more depth in your jewelry. The ChloBo Gold & Iolite Graceful Aura Bangle and Gold & Iolite Cosmic Connection Bangle both uphold the ChloBo gold bracelet aesthetic, but by incorporating genuine Iolite, you’re offering new dimension and color to the neutral tones. Iolite is said to be the stone of intuition and dreams coming true. When paired with Gold Sparkle Oval Adjuster Bracelet, you know it’s a match made in heaven. 

This outfit would also look great with a ChloBo rose gold bracelet. The Rose Gold Mini Noodle Ball Flower Om Bracelet, which has wonderful warming rosy tones for a more delicate look.

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