Best Promise Necklaces for Couples in 2022

Promise necklaces for couples are an incredible piece of jewelry. We think it’s because they draw attention like no other and are sometimes the most important piece of jewelry to own.

Do you know why?

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Couples get promised jewelry to symbolize both their love and commitment to each other. It shows that you want to spend the rest of your life with the person, and the assurance that something more, such as a proposal and marriage, will happen. What they have commonly given is promise rings, but people are making a move to necklaces too.

Being an essential piece makes them a great gift choice for couples in relationships because they can help express how important you are to each other and to those around you. Here we are going to look at the best promise necklaces for couples in 2022 that you can consider getting for the one you love.

Why Are Promise Necklaces Incredible Symbols of Affection?

Necklaces are some of the oldest pieces of jewelry in the world and have been a vital part of various cultures for centuries. Whether they symbolize wealth, power, love, identity, they send a powerful message.

For relationships, it’s clear why they make such an amazing gift, and to help you find the right one. We’ve discovered the most meaningful promise necklaces trend in 2022.

Trendy Promise Necklaces For Him And Her In 2022


1. Elegant B Pearl Olive Necklace For Men And Women

Elegant B pearl-olive necklace for couples
The design of this first necklace is ideal for pearl lovers. B pearl-olive necklace is made of stainless steel combined with fallen olive green pearl. Often used to symbolize peace, harmony, and sophistication, olive green is a complex yellowish-green color.

Elegant B pearl-olive necklace for couples

As you may have guessed, this color gets its name from green olives. And the olive green signifies the perception of Empath and humankind. These are the reason behind our olive pearl pendant necklace. The simple design makes it more generous and personality and expresses your royal character and your attitude. Stainless steel is the main raw material of this necklace. The stainless steel is very durable for any occasion.

2. Yamanga Necklace

Yamanga Necklace

In search of a cute, stylish, and minimal necklace? You are at the right place because we have brought your Yamanga Necklace that comes with a pendant and circular jewellery with unique designs hooked with the pendant. What more could be trendy, minimal, and stylish? Yamanga Necklace comes in 4 variants and each has another unique style. You can buy the one that fits best with your choice and interest. The four variants available for the Yamanga necklace are the golden color, violet color, emerald green color, and garish color.

Yamanga Necklace

You can pair Yamanga Necklace with your everyday look such as denim, casual, and semi-formals. Also, it is best for everyday occasions. If you want to gift someone a necklace, then our Yamange necklace is highly recommended.

3. Poseidon necklace 

Poseidon necklace

Are you looking for a necklace with a multi-range of colors? Then you are at the right place because we have brought a range of multicolor

necklaces–Poseidon necklace for couples. Our Poseidon necklace for couples is a rectangular hexagon with a long chain. The colors available for the Poseidon necklace for women are emerald green, golden hues, dark gothic purple, and light Feroza.

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Poseidon necklace

If your girlfriend is a color lover, it’s something she’d be happy to wear round the clock. Poseidon necklaces for couples are the best option to pair up with your denim and casual look. It will give you a super-chic look. Not only this, but it is a gracious gift for your loved ones and close ones. It comes in 4 colors and has a rectangular hexagon shape–definitely a unique style to wear in necklaces.

4. Scorpio necklace for zodiac lovers

Scorpio necklace for zodiac lovers

Are you one of the Zodiac lovers and also Scorpio? You are in the right spot because Scorpio Necklace is specifically for zodiac lovers. Scorpio Necklace for Zodiac lovers is in design with the sign of Scorpio Star. Not only this, as it denotes the sign of point tail, it also comes with a white pendant. Refreshing and Delight!

Scorpio Necklace for Zodiac Lovers

You can wear your Scorpio Necklace for Zodiac Lovers with other light silver jewelry. You can also wear your necklace daily, and it will give a chic look with your casual and denim. Also, if you have someone who is Scorpius and loves to wear jewelry, this necklace would be a perfect idea. Thumbs up for this!

5. Penelope necklace for gift lovers

penelope Necklace

It would not be wrong to say that this necklace gives the view of a solar system. Penelope Necklace for gift lovers comes with a chain that is extended down to the neck and has different beads of dark and light colors. For its unique, trendy, and jaw-dropping design, this product has been our best-seller. You can wear your Penelope Necklace with your denim, casuals, and other informal wear. 


Penelope Necklaces best to give as a gift to your loved ones and also to your wife–inspired by Greek Mythology. You can complement your Penelope Necklace for a Gift with other jewelry such as earrings, rings, or bracelets.

6. Vanessa necklace with unique stones

penelope Necklace

Our Vanessa Necklace with Unique stones comes with a two-layered chain and circular jewelry attached to the chains of different sizes. It has a gold color and is best to give you a minimal, chic look. You can wear a Vanessa necklace with unique stones with denim, and casuals. But, it is also wearable on semiformal occasions, and formal occasions.

Vanessa’s necklace with unique stones is a perfect birthday gift for your loved ones and close friends.

7. JZMSJF sterling silver necklace

JZMSJF sterling silver necklace

This next brand has a variety of options in pendants. The key message on each is “I love you to the moon and back,” but they have their own unique design. There’s a crescent cat, a crescent pearl star, a dog paw necklace, an infinity heart, and the infinity symbol. If your girlfriend is a pet lover, it’s something she’d be happy to wear round the clock. The metal used in making the necklace is sterling silver, and the gems are cubic zirconia.

8. Double Pinky Promise Charm Necklace

Double Pinky Promise Charm Necklace

When you purchase these necklaces from this brand, you’re getting to separate necklaces that both have pink promise charm pendants. The material differs from other necklaces on this list; it comprises a zinc alloy. The color is silver-toned and has an antique finish. The chain is long, too; it is 20 inches long. It is simple and makes it ideal for everyday wear, even though it stands out too.

9. My Name Necklace Personalized Couple’s Necklace

MyNameNecklace Personalized Couples Necklace

This is another pendant by My Name Necklace and is more trendy in 2022. It also requires customization. It is a breakable necklace where two hearts unite, and it requires you to put your make and that of our partner in the customization section.

MyNameNecklace Personalized Couples Necklace

The result will have your names in part of the heart, and the company can engrave up to nine letters on the pendant on each half heart. The metal type is sterling silver, and the necklaces come in either an elegant gift box or a pouch.

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Ways To Use Couple Promise Necklaces

Contrary to popular belief, couple necklaces are not simply intended for singular use. They can present in a variety of ways for plenty of different reasons. There are several instances when a couple’s necklace is the right thing to buy.

You can buy one for yourself or for someone else, but it is always going to be a great way to commemorate something special and focus on the love shared between two people. To show you just how broad of a range these necklaces have, we broke down a few different ways that you might use them.

As a gift

One of the most commonly used reasons to buy couples necklaces is as a present. When you give someone a couple’s necklace, it means that you plan on showing them just how much they mean to you. It is the perfect present for just about anyone in your life. Many people enjoy giving them to significant others, family members, and more.

To show you just how broad of a range these necklaces have, we decided to break down a few different ways that you might use them.

These are the perfect gift for:

  • Birthdays
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Christmas
  • Any special events

For remembrance

Loss can be a terribly difficult thing to cope with, but losing someone doesn’t mean letting them go or forgetting them. Sometimes it is important to remind yourself that the people that you love are still in your heart. Purchasing a couple’s necklace for remembrance is a really great way to carry a little piece of someone with you, even if it is only symbolic.

For those who have lost someone incredibly special, it can help the healing process to just have something special to remind you of that person, their influence, and all the love that you carry for them in your heart.

For anniversary

Anniversaries are landmark moments in a relationship. It is an opportunity to really sit down and focus on everything that you have been through and how you have grown together. An anniversary is a perfect time to present couples necklaces because they are a day designated to celebrate your shared love with another individual. With this love-inspired gift, it is easy to remember that you always have someone on your side, no matter what.

For wedding gift

When you attend someone’s wedding, you are there to bear witness to the love that they share. While there are plenty of options for giving wedding presents, this is one that always goes over well.

As you come together to celebrate the union of two loved ones, use couple’s necklaces to show them they will always have each other’s hearts and that you are so happy to see them committing to sharing a beautiful life together. This thoughtful gift is perfect for wishing the new couple a lifetime of happiness!

In closing

We hope you have a ton of ideas of trendy promise necklaces for couples in 2022 that would be perfect for you and your eternal love. The best thing is that there are so many options that is it possible to select a pair that captures the essence of your special relationship.

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