How to clean silver chain?

How to clean silver chain?

Silver jewelry may naturally darken over time, and also as a result of certain conditions that encourage darkening over the years. So How to clean a silver chain? Silver jewelry can be cleaned independently at home and without special effort or the need for special tools or cleaning agents.

In the following article, you will find some useful methods for cleaning silver jewelry, which will renew the jewelry and restore its shine.

5 brilliant methods for perfect silver jewelry

  • Start by cleaning with a gentle damp cloth or wipe – it will be suitable for the case of light blackening only, and will remove a fine layer of dirt without effort. You should avoid applying force or using aggressive cleaning agents together with the cloth or wipe.
  • Cleaning with cloths or designated cleaning agents – is the safest and best way to clean silver jewelry and one that will optimally preserve the jewelry. It is important to use them according to the instructions indicated on the product packaging only.
  • Aluminum foil with a glass bowl and baking soda – line the bottom of the bowl with aluminum foil, or wrap the jewelry itself in it. Place in a bowl, and sprinkle baking soda over the jewelry. Fill the bowl with boiling water and soak for several minutes, and the jewelry will be cleaned easily. Remains of dirt can be removed with a dry cloth.
  • Toothpaste and brush – apply regular toothpaste (not the one intended for whitening) to the entire piece of jewelry and brush with an old toothbrush. You can leave the paste on the jewelry for about 10 minutes and only then brush it. Brush thoroughly and gently, and remove the remains of the paste and dirt.
  • Dish soap – soak the jewelry with a little dish soap and a little lukewarm water, and after a few minutes, brush the jewelry with a toothbrush or cloth.
    In the event that neither method works, it is recommended to send the jewelry for professional cleaning and restoration by a qualified professional.

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This is How to clean silver chain.

Why does the silver jewelry turn black?!

Blackened silver jewelry is actually a good sign because then you can know for sure that the jewelry is made of real silver.

What not everyone knows is that there is a difference between pure money and real money and here we reveal the first professional secret.

Pure silver comes as a soft metal found as a natural resource in the earth. In order to make jewelry from it, different metals are added to it until a silver alloy known as sterling silver or 925 silver is obtained, which is considered a prestigious metal intended for the work and design of silver jewelry, which is the real silver.

When the silver comes into contact with oxygen in a certain concentration, plus high humidity and harsh substances such as chlorine, sulfur, acids, and seawater, then an oxidation process begins which manifests itself in the blackening of the jewelry.

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Is it a complex process How to clean silver chain?

Sulfur particles that are often emitted from cars are in the air, the silver accumulates those particles and then a layer of black sulfide silver is formed which, as soon as we remove this layer, the object will be silver again.

Silver jewelry tends to oxidize due to contact with sweat or exposure to air, especially in areas with high humidity.

Since each body emits sweat at different levels, the same piece of jewelry can tarnish on one person while on another it will not tarnish at all.

There are two types of people in the world. Those who like the vintage look – and will leave the jewelry blackened.

(By the second type of person, those who love silver jewelry are shiny and full of shine.

What do you do in the case of a piece of jewelry with small grooves?

In the case of engraved jewelry such as pendants or bracelets with tiny beads and grooves, you should use a used toothbrush or a nail brush (one designed to remove skin residue after sanding) to brush the jewelry.

The fibers will enter even the smallest grooves and remove the dirt or black layer from them.

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Is it worth combining detergents?

You should avoid it. There are cleaning agents that may cause a chemical reaction when combining them, or damage the jewelry or the skin of the hands during cleaning.

For example, there is a method that states that the jewelry can be cleaned with vinegar and baking soda powder, and these two together may cause a significant chemical reaction that may be dangerous in some cases.

If you have chosen a certain cleaning method, you should stick to it according to the instructions, and if it was unsuccessful, you can try another method after you have completely cleaned the jewelry from the material you used in the previous attempt.

How to prevent the blackening of jewelry in the future?

Store the jewelry in a cool place that is not exposed to the sun. There are special jewelry boxes that can fit jewelry with a designated place for necklaces, so you can arrange it without a mess.

You should avoid spraying perfume or applying body lotion or sunscreen on the jewelry.

Do not use aggressive detergents when cleaning.

You can shower with silver jewelry when you use soap and water, it helps to clean them. However, you should remove the jewelry before entering the pool or the sea.

From time to time you should clean the jewelry with dedicated clothes, even if the jewelry looks clean on the outside.

This way you will keep it for a long time and avoid rapid darkening.

Silver jewelry is delicate jewelry that needs cleaning and maintenance from time to time, and you should do this using one of the methods listed above.

If you are unable to clean the jewelry yourself, contact a professional – he will be able to do it skillfully and professionally and return the jewelry to you like new.

Try the tips to prevent tarnishing to keep the jewelry clean for a long time, so that it retains its shine and continues to compliment and sparkle every day.

Silver jewelry is considered pampered jewelry because it requires special care and attention. With proper care and maintenance, they will remain bright and shiny and bring a smile to everyone who comes across them.

The operations are quite easy. Did you manage to understand How to clean silver chain? Thank you for reading the article.

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