Matching promise rings

Matching promise rings

Matching promise rings, Although there is no obligation or necessity, some women who are about to get married prefer that there be a match between their rings.

Of course matching in terms of color, shape, size, etc. but in many cases, couples rings are sold that actually fit together and complement each other and actually create one “ring” without any space between the two parts.

If you connect with the idea, all that’s left for you is to choose a suitable set of wedding rings. There are sets of rings that complement each other perfectly in terms of decorations, embellishments, and/or gemstones. The key word here is symmetry.

For example, the gemstones create a spectacular meeting geometrically since the gemstone is always the meeting point between the two rings.

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smooth rings and curved rings

If the gemstone in the center of the ring stands out, or if there are certain curves to the engagement ring, the wedding ring should include parallel contours to create a perfect fit.

Contours will be similarly arched to make the engagement ring blend well with the wedding ring.

The degree to which the rings should fit together is a matter of personal preference. Some women will not mind if there is a small gap between the rings while for other women it may bother.

If you do not have a particular preference, it is recommended to consider complementary wedding rings or at least those that have a great similarity between them.

Matching promise rings

If you prefer Matching promise rings with a similar design but don’t feel that they have to match perfectly, you can choose a wedding ring that matches and corresponds with the engagement ring. Such pairs of rings create a beautiful play of shapes and colors.

the body of the matching promise rings

In these types of rings, it is recommended to choose precious metals such as platinum, gold, or palladium. Of course, the two rings will be made of the same material and will have identical characteristics, so that even over time they will maintain their resemblance.

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shape and level of finish

If you choose rings containing diamonds and/or gemstones, the size, shape, and type of gemstones of the engagement ring must be matched to those of the wedding ring.

The ideal situation in complementary rings is that the gems “connect” and form a kind of big gem together.

Design and style
If you plan to wear the rings on the same finger, it is best to keep a similar style. For example, if you have a vintage-inspired engagement ring, you should look into vintage-style wedding rings.

One of the issues that we know that occupy quite a few members of our secret group in the jewelry sector, is how to create the perfect combination between the engagement ring and the wedding ring. And as you know, there is no issue that will disturb your rest without us entering the picture and pouring magic dust and lots of inspiration on it.

So on our agenda this time: the most accurate mix between these two symbolic rings, with five serving suggestions according to the style that speaks to you the most.

The classic and the personal matching promise rings

If the engagement ring is minimalistic and classic, we love the combination with a delicate and special wedding ring in a personal design. In our eyes, there is something magical in such a boutique design process, which also best expresses your love story in one piece that you will wear forever.

The alternative and chic his and hers wedding bands

Engagement rings in an unusual style will of course combine stunningly with wedding rings in the same vibe. Engagement rings with pearls and black or purple stones in unique shapes will welcome wedding rings that are out of the ordinary, and it is absolutely perfect for brides who like to go outside the box.

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