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Size Circumference(mm) UK,Europe & Australia Switzerland
549.30.5J 9
651.9 0.5L11.5
754.4 0.5N 14
857 0.5R16.5
959.5 28.7519
1062.1 0.5T 21.5

Rainbow Colorful Heart Pattern Necklace


✔️ 86.3% of customers buy 2 or more!

Do you like matching stuff? These are jewelry that can easily wear with any suit. Women always have their jewelry different from others, so we have different high and unique characteristics that will keep you unique from others.

  • We have jewelry that will be attractive to you, and you will look very beautiful wearing it.
  • Some friends want to wear jewelry to a party, but they cannot find the same one. Contact us. We have many ornaments in one design.
  • If you are always confused when shopping, visit our online website. Of course, you will find some pendent of your choice.
  • All designs are available at reasonable prices.
  • If someone wants to make a unique design that is not available in the market, we will do your job very easily and according to your expectation.


Necklace Type: Chokers Necklace

Main Stone: Zircon

Style Item: Heart Style


  • Colorful heart love necklace
  • Increase your beauty
  • Different Style
  • Girls do not wear big jewelry, so we have more free particles that they can wear easily.
  • Beautiful necklace in every neck
  • These are the jewelry that women will love to buy as soon as they see them.
  • No matter how well dressed you are, but you do not look good without a necklace. It makes you a unique lady at the party.
  • Cheering and fulfilling necklace
  • You can go with different suits because of the unique jewelry inside.
  • Excellent and soft chain is used.
  • Eye-catching and classy
  • skin-friendly
  • Reasonable price

Care Instruction:

  • Water spoils jewelry, so keep it away from water.
  • Most university kids work in labs, so avoid wearing jewelry inside the room. Because labs often use chemicals, and chemicals damage jewelry.
  • Jewelry should not be thrown away after use as it may fall or be damaged.
  • Some people have skin problems, so they clean their skin and wear jewelry. Of course, there will be no harm.

Free Shipping and Returns:

  • Cannot return the item after time expires
  • Used items will not be returned.
  • Return items from our jewelry shop to us. Don’t return items from someone else’s jewelry store by lying.
  • Single delivery

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