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Size Circumference(mm) UK,Europe & Australia Switzerland
549.30.5J 9
651.9 0.5L11.5
754.4 0.5N 14
857 0.5R16.5
959.5 28.7519
1062.1 0.5T 21.5

Silver agi earrings


Size Guide

Silver Agi Earrings – Your Everyday Hoops

Silver Agi Earrings are trendy hoops perfect for daily wear and everyday occasion. In our Silver Jewelry collection, this is one of the most loved earrings because of their alluring and delightful looks. You can style Silver Agi Earrings with informal, semi-formal, and formal dressing. They are here to tailor the needs of our customers for everyday jewelry the gives the style and look of elegancy.


Silver Agi Earrings are made of fine-quality jewelry and a new design to make them stand out from the crowd. Silver Agi Earrings have the features:

  • They are easy to use as you will feel no hassle in wearing them with zero pain.
  • Silver Agi Earrings have premium sterling 925 silver.
  • Introducing you to the new design of Hoops with a bit of variance.
  • You can wear them with any outfit as they go well for informal, semi-formal, and formal wear.
  • Stylish and Chic – just click the picture and have a look.

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