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Size Circumference(mm) UK,Europe & Australia Switzerland
549.30.5J 9
651.9 0.5L11.5
754.4 0.5N 14
857 0.5R16.5
959.5 28.7519
1062.1 0.5T 21.5

Silver Elliptical earrings for women


Size Guide

Silver Elliptical Earrings for Women

We have designed our Silver Elliptical earrings especially for jewelry lovers who love to wear jewelry every day. They have a new shape and design which is minimal yet fashionable. Silver Elliptical Earrings have an oval shape and they are perfect to wear with your casual and informal dressing. You can also gift them to someone who loves to wear light jewelry which is comfortable to wear too. With their simple and classy look, they never make you look bore – always a fashionista and will always be the one!


  • More budget-friendly earrings in the same design are available in the whole market.
  • They are comfortable and lightweight to wear. You can wear them on daily basis as well.
  • Perfectly aligned with trends and styles – way to go!
  • Silver Elliptical Earrings have a new design that you must have been wanting to add to your earrings collection

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