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Size Circumference(mm) UK,Europe & Australia Switzerland
549.30.5J 9
651.9 0.5L11.5
754.4 0.5N 14
857 0.5R16.5
959.5 28.7519
1062.1 0.5T 21.5

Triple Dots Gold Earrings


Size Guide

Gold Triple Dots Earrings

Our Gold Triple Dots Earrings are Feminine and delicate that offer a refined sense of graceful empowerment that speaks to quiet confidence. These elegant gold triple dots earrings make a sophisticated statement cradling by a gold chain. Wearing them with a monochrome dress and solid colors will definitely level up your game.

Gold Triple Dots Earrings are fine-drawn and elusive in nature. With the fine-quality silver jewelry, Gold Triple Dots Earrings will give you a queenly and divine look wrapped in a fast-forward fashion look. These earrings are wonderfully balanced as they play with tension and proportion, balancing your look and style with a chic look. Their bold and exuberant design makes them eye-catchy and leaves people in awe of it.



Gold Tripple Dots earrings are:

  • Easy to wear
  • They are comfortable and lightweight to wear.
  • More budget-friendly earrings in the same design are available in the whole market.
  • Sleek Design
  • Best for everyday use

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Add them to your cart now and make a wonderful purchase that deserves your appreciation. Make your looks catchy with them.


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