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Size Circumference(mm) UK,Europe & Australia Switzerland
549.30.5J 9
651.9 0.5L11.5
754.4 0.5N 14
857 0.5R16.5
959.5 28.7519
1062.1 0.5T 21.5

Vintage Dream Catcher Necklaces Pendants


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This silver vintage dream catcher pendant is a fortune for girls who prefer to wear short but unique pieces of jewelry. This pendant is a sign of beauty and elegance. Looking for a precious gift for your girl for a special occasion? This vintage necklace is a perfect selection for your girl. Buy this one to amaze your girl with your unique taste of gift selection.

Color: Purple Colored Stone
Shape: Catcher Necklace
Metal Type: 925 Sterling Silver


  • This vintage dream pendant has silver metal with a central purple stone fitted in a circular shell.
  • Three purple stones of different sizes are fitted in a vertical shell just above the vintage pendant.
  • There are three silver leaves hanging on the lower side of the vintage pendant.
  • This masterpiece is 100% pure 925 sterling silver making it irritation-free to your skin.
  • This necklace is pocket-friendly and can be paired up with all dresses,
  • This necklace would be a perfect selection for a birthday gift or wedding anniversary present.
  • This classy piece comes in a velvety bag and perfect packaging to make it more presentable.

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