The Stunning Jewellery Trends That Take Over In 2022

What’s the most stylish method to finish off any outfit? Of course, there’s jewellery! There’s a lot to love about these swoon-worthy accessories, including bits, bobbles, bracelets, and earrings. And, luckily for you, we’ve been searching at all of the stunning jewellery trends that will be sweeping the world in 2022. You’re going to enjoy what’s coming up, it’s safe to say.

An outfit just doesn’t feel complete without jewelry, and even if you’ve been dressing down past year, a chic pair of earrings or layered necklaces can really do some heavy lifting. Although pops of color will still be gracing our wrists, necks, and fingers, we’ll be seeing a comeback for statemented pieces that we said goodbye to a long while ago now.

To give you a peek, we’ve rounded up the best stunning jewellery trends that take over in 2022 and you’ll be seeing them everywhere. And, of course, we’re giving you a few options of where to shop them, too. 

We welcome to 2022!

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The Vintage Style of the 1980s and 1990s is Coming Back

The jewelry trends in 2022 are mostly set to take you back to the age of 80s and 90s. The vintage style inspires the style and accessories. Many prominent designers in Europe and the USA are reinventing the 90s trends.

Vintage Style

The popular pearl jewellery sets are coming back into fashion. With their nautical style, stunning pearls and seashells set on gold or silver jewellery look lovely. The season’s eye-catchers are vintage statement rings and earrings with a strong and vibrant design. Statement necklaces are also making an appearance in the jewellery trend season of 2022.

Bracelets that Charmed the 70s

The charm bracelets from the 70s are hitting the runways more often and are the definite style of the year 2022. The pearl, floral and mixed metal charms are back to bring on the 70s feel. Apart from the charm bracelets, cuff bracelets give a bold and beautiful look.


We can stack the chunky chain bracelets in the arms as an expressive fashion accessory to keep up with the 2022 style. 

Arm Cuffs for a Gripping Style

Arm cuffs are clasping their way into the jewelry show of this season. The trend of wearing ornaments around the biceps is stepping up this year. This trend is highlighted by exceptional jewelry pieces such as snake cuffs, dome cuffs, and chain-link bracelets.

Necklace Trends in 2022

Necklace Trends in 2022

Chunky Chains

Chains have been an indispensable part of the trends for a long time, and in 2022 this will be no different. Next year the chain will be chunkier than in 2021. Back then it was already big. The chunky chain will be seen in all possible ways, as a necklace, bracelet, earrings, and rings, but even as a belt. 

Chunky Chains

Bold Chokers

Next up, we have chokers. Chokers come and go every few years, but for the jewellery trends of 2022, we expect to see chunky and blingy pieces that’ll have you saying goodbye to your dainty layering chains. While the velvet numbers were all the craze back in the day, we’re taking a lot more of a glamorous finish that’ll turn heads wherever you go.

Long necklaces

Long necklaces

Long necklaces with a larger charm at the end or long chunky necklaces are a trend in 2022. This charm can be, for example, a large logo or a large gemstone. You will see these long necklaces in Y-shape a lot this year.

Pearl necklace


Pearls are timeless and classy. They will never be out of style and you can wear them anytime, but the way they are worn can vary. In 2022 they will be perfectly round, they will not have the natural shape of pearls. The pearls can mainly be seen in necklaces, but you will also find them a lot in bracelets and earrings.

Different layers

Different layers necklace

Wearing one necklace isn’t enough in 2022. The more layers, the better. This can be a mix of very long necklaces to chokers and everything in between. This means that you can combine all the trends mentioned above with each other.

Rings Trends in 2022 

Looking for a trend that’s big and bold yet easy to wear? Enter the cocktail ring! Dainty ring stacks have long been a trend and still are, but 2022 is all about these substantial, statement-making alternatives.

 rings trend 2022

Rings never seem to go out of style; they are the constant element in all the fashion trends. However, their designs and features keep shifting with the seasonal styles. Signet rings and large stone embedded rings are the trends of the year 2022. The designs are bold and bright, making them shine their way into the season. 

Big rings

Big rings

Rings are one of the most popular jewels to wear. In 2022 everything is big and so are the rings. They have to stand out. You want people to admire your jewelry. You will love these large rings in our store 

Ring on each finger

rings 2022

More is more, you could say that for most jewelry in 2022, but for rings it is definitely More is More. Preferably a ring on each finger, or even several rings on each finger. This is a trend that is also popular for men. These rings you see in this trend are often the larger rings, but you can also combine them with smaller rings.

 Signets rings

Signets rings

A signet ring is known for being the more statement type of ring, and you guessed it, in 2022’s jewellery trends, we expect to see fingers laced in them.

From the traditional heirlooms to other meaningful engravings, signet rings have been around for decades and they’re back and bolder than ever. If you don’t have a piece that’s been passed down from your loving great-grandma, a store-bought one will suffice.

Because of how, popular signet rings have become, there are many places that offer beautiful designs. Etsy is a treasure trove of beautiful signet ring designs and we recommend starting your search there.

You’ll gain an idea of the different types of rings and be able to zero in on the type that suits you best. We also love Amazon’s collection of signet rings, which range in price and style. Check them out here.

Earring Trends in 2022

earrings 2022

Big stones earrings

Big stones earrings 2022

An important trend that you will see a lot in 2022 is the earrings with large stones, both diamonds and other gemstones can be seen in these earrings. These stones can be worn directly on your ear but also as hanging earrings.

Next level hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are never out of sight. In 2022, these will become bigger, statement earrings. Square, Furry, and Chunky are all planned for 2022. So they are not the long thin earrings of a few years ago.

hoop earrings

Chandelier Earrings

Not only will earrings be thicker in 2022, but they are also longer. Earrings that resemble chandeliers are a trend. This means long, sparkly chandelier earrings. You know them from every red carpet in Hollywood, usually combined with a beautiful designer dress or with a casual outfit for contrast. They are perfect for every party.

Chandelier Earrings

Jewellery Styles Just for You in 2022

The topic always comes up when jewelry is mentioned – what’s my undertone? When we’re having a difficult time deciding between rose gold, gold, and platinum, we go for the vein test.

Holding up a hand or arm to the light, what color do your veins appear? For those with green veins, the skin is considered warm, while blue or purple usually indicates cool-toned skin. For a mixture of both, that typically suggests a neutral skin tone.

Warm tones tend to shine best in warmer jewellery, like gold and rose gold. And for the opposite, rose gold and silver often look best. While neutral undertones are flattered by both, mixing metals on any shade or tone of skin can create a flattering composition.

Pops of Colour

Are you like us when we say we’ve enjoyed color in jewellery trends 2022? Because we have! Playful pops of color are trending this year, especially in the form of brilliantly colored gemstones. Try out this trend by wearing a single colored stone or leaning in hard by mixing and matching multiple stones for a look that’s both chic and eclectic.

popup color Earrings

While we still love a simple gold or silver piece, don’t be afraid to show off some color to abide by 2022’s jewellery trends of the rainbow.

pop up colors Earrings

Modern Links

From long gold chains to chunky silver chokers, chain link accessories were all over the spring runways again this year. The beauty of this on-trend accessory is its versatility – it’s strong enough to be worn on its own but basic enough to be layered with other accessories. For a dramatic style juxtaposition, try layering a chunky chain link necklace or bracelet with a dainty set of pearls.

Modern Links

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver

While we are eternal fans of gold, sterling silver jewellery is seeing a resurgence in popularity this year. Great for both everyday wear and special occasions, sterling silver creates a polished look that your pocketbook will appreciate.

Layered Looks

Layered Looks

Whether it’s using earrings, bracelets, necklaces or rings, layering and stacking are as on-trend as ever this year. When layering necklaces, look for dainty pendants and statement chains in varying lengths. Stacking bracelets and rings is all about playing with materials, colors, and textures. Remember, it’s the more, the merrier when it comes to layering and stacking jewelry!

Springy Motifs

Florals? For spring? You bet! Jewelry designs featuring flowers, butterflies, and more offer a nod to the new life and fresh perspective that comes with the spring season and the warmer weather.

Playful Pearls

Like diamonds, pearls are a timeless gemstone that you’ll never tire of. While classic pearls are always in style, unusual pearl jewellery that strays from the traditional pearl’s prim and proper appearance might be just what you want this season. Pearls in varying sizes, shapes, and colors create an organic look that’s refreshingly unexpected and unique!

Dazzling Eveningwear

Eveningwear has returned to the runways, and with it came breathtaking jewelry that will take any festive night out or formal event to the next level. Watch for megawatt diamonds, dramatic drop earrings, and elaborate metal detailing to capitalize on this ravishing trend.

Dazzling Eveningwear

In closing

We hope you plan to indulge in one or more of these stunning jewellery trends in 2022! We also hope you’re able to enjoy the starting days of 2022 with your loved ones. Looking for Best Jewelry Gift For Couples Under $50 to $100? We have a quick guide that can help you!

Have we inspired you with the jewellery trends of 2022? With colors bursts, chunks, and expressions, we expect it to be a monumental year for the jewellery industry.

To stay in the loop of our newest collections dropped by your favorite brands, sign up for our newsletter. In the meantime, keep checking out our blog for more style inspiration.

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