What are the 6 must-have Necklaces for Women?

For decades, Jewellery has been a way to communicate. It assists in delivering the message of confidence and self-esteem. Every piece of jewellery necklaces for women has a precise role in upgrading the entire scenario. Of all the ornaments a woman will ever wear, the necklace has an immense significance as necklaces add colour and charisma to personality.

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Pairing up statement style necklaces with a minimalistic outfit is next level. Is it a casual outing or fine dining? Couple necklaces – pair necklaces and more – couple jewelry is a solution to all your outfit detailing problems. From a chic look to an elegant one, everything in between can be turned on by the introduction of a necklace.

Necklaces for women is an umbrella term for pendants, chokers, chains, one or many-layered necklaces. Necklaces are a significant part of any attire that a woman carries. They not only change the entire feel of the outfit but also subtly enhance it.  For your convenience here is a catalog of 6 must-have necklaces for women.

1. Mother’s hand heart shape necklace:

necklaces for women

It will be the ultimate appreciation present that a child can gift to their mother. This simple yet elegantly stylish ornament will gear up any dress that your mother wears. Even on a casual outing, your mother’s whimsical pendant will undoubtedly make a statement.

The delicately designed heart augmented with studs is an everlasting craft. The heart consists of an outer and an inner layer within which there is a row of shimmering pearls. The intricate composition of hand design is a complete representation of a mother’s everlasting affection. The entire dangling pendant is made out of copper. The plating of rose gold metal makes it flawless.

Don’t think a lot. Add this flamboyant piece of jewel to your cart now!


Weight: 8g
Material: Copper
Length: 45cm
Pendant size: 35mm*32mm
Color: Rose Gold

2. Rose gold floral necklace

necklaces for women
Is her love for roses undying? Rose Gold Floral necklaces for women- Gold Floral Necklace – Couples Jewellery is a perfect gift on your 10th wedding Anniversary. Your wife will be over the moon when she realizes that you still remember her choice of flowers. The pendant has a pink sparkling gemstone with everlasting shine. This will be an effortless attention-grabber in a crowd of people. Be it in a pendant or a ring, roses perfectly blend within any capacity.

Roses such as this one will add a tangible demeanor to her otherwise simple outfit. The rose is symmetrical and of good radiance under any occasion. The dangling pendant and the shimmering neck chain is an ultimate power pack. It gives the identity of being bold and confident along with a sweet and wholesome touch.

This lingering necklace will be a twinkle in the eye on a turtle neck or a high waisted attire. Avail 32%discount on the gold floral necklace before it’s too late.


Pendant size:
Metal Color: rose gold plated
Length: 40cm, 45cm, 50cm

3. Waterdrop crystal necklace earring set

necklaces for women
Do you want to gift something very unique to your girlfriend? Waterdrop crystal necklace earring set – Couple Jewellery is a distinctively crafted piece of jewel. The incredible turning point in the ever shimmering pendant is a mesmerizing sight. It can no longer go out of sight of the crowd. A very simple but elegantly placed blue emerald uplifts the whole aura.

To complete the entire flawless look, prefer pairing it with identical charismatic earrings. The pendant dangles on a shimmering silver chain. The blue emerald can be replaced by an illuminated ruby or a dazzling purple. This expensive-looking piece is an all-rounder- Undoubtedly.

For someone who incredibly indulges themselves in the surroundings, this piece is for them. The earthy sign of a water droplet makes this necklace extremely significant for women. This barbaric jewel will be the ultimate gift for sure!


Color: Dark Blue, Light Blue, Light Purple, Silver Plated, Dark Purple, Red, Pink
Pendant size: 18mm*14mm

4. Red crystal zircon necklace earring ring set

necklaces for women
Want to surprise your wife with a delicate yet luxury jewelry item? Red crystal zircon necklace earring ring set – Couple Jewellery will be a timeless piece to have. The intricate craft represents the deep thought of the manufacturer.

A combination of flashing red, shimmering silver, and neutral gold makes the pendant unforgettable. This necklace comes with an irradiant ring and a pair of gleaming earrings. The entire set is one of its kind.

When worn together, this lucid jewelry set will bring unimaginable happiness to your partner. It will assist in strengthening the bond of marriage. A small wedding gathering or a formal business outfit, this necklace will outshine an occasion.

It has a straightforward locking at the end of the chain. This makes the entire necklace safe and sound.


Color: Gold-color, Silver Plated

This set includes:
Adjustable ring of size: 2.6cm*1.9cm.
pendant size: 2.3cm*1.6cm
Weight of the pendant: 5.9g
Studded earrings size: 1.4cm*1.2cm
Weight of earrings: 3.8g

5.Romantic circle chain bar pendant necklace

necklaces for women
Looking for a subtle yet glistening necklace for your future wife? The Romantic Circle Chain Bar Pendant Necklace Is an impeccable choice! The neckpiece is a classical combination of the profound infinite spiral. It is both a modern and minimalistic statement jewel.

Minimalistic jewelry is a splendid way to level up modern outfits. The most important twist in this piece is the circular ring in the center. For those women, who do not prefer flashy jewelry this piece will work incredibly. This graceful necklace for women droops on a glittering lightweight chain.

It can be worn around the neckline. The chain can be secured around the neck by the uncomplicated loop at the end. Added the chain can be silver or gold, according to your own choice. Both will make up a perfect ornament! Add this piece to your list and make her proud!
This luminous necklace offers a 32% discount for the first 50 buyers. What are you waiting for, fill up your cart now!


Length: 45cm
Weight: 4.1g
Pendant Size: 29mm*16mm

6.Choker velvet crystal heart necklaces

necklaces for women
Are you searching for something for your beautiful daughter? Choker velvet crystal heart necklaces will be undeniably an immaculate option.

Chokers are an unquestionable everyday item every girl should have at her dressing table. They comprise an unorthodox nature. They are significant in assuming protection against harm and the evil eye.

These are made out of velvet and wrap themselves around the neck. The choker will be the real game-changer when it has a gleaming heart attached to it. An adjustable shimmering crystal dangles to the velvet with an intricate design clasp.

The heart crystal has a variety of shades. These include icy blue, crystalline white, lucid violet, bittersweet red, and ebony black. with an 11.5″ long velvet + 0.5″ clasp + 2.5″ extender this necklace for women is perfect.

The choker is easily adjustable and manufactured using premium quality products. This neckband will amplify the beauty of your partner and never let it go down. This will prove to be the flag bearer of the strong love you have for your wife or daughter.


Pendant size: 2 cm
Materials: Glass
Adjustable length: Yes
Clasp Color: Black, Blue, Pink, Red, White


Q1. Will, any of these necklaces tarnish?

At Couple Jewellry, all necklaces for women are made out of premium imported products. These are taken from the highest quality US franchise. The necklaces have a minute chance of getting rusted.

Q2. What is the return policy?

This is the most efficient part of buying a jewelry piece from us. We provide a 30-day return guarantee. Having said that please have a copy of your receipt at the time of exchange.

Q3. Are there discounts on every necklace?

All the necklaces for women which are displayed have a discount of up to 35%. Mind you, this is a limited time offer. So hurry and avail it now!

Q4. Do you guys do wrapping?

Yes. Don’t worry we got you! We provide services in gift wrapping as well. Your gift box will be very carefully wrapped with a flawless sheet. It will be a pleasant sight for your partner.


All in all, the most important thing to keep in mind while opting for necklaces for women in your life is their desire. Is the piece portraying the affection you have for her? Will this piece outshine her or add up to her personality?

Choosing something for your intimate other can be quite a brain wrecking task. Apart from the description above we also have a live chat option through which you can end up making your girl feeling blessed. We hope to assist you in making an impactful investment.

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