What is 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry?

The tradition of jewelry is very old. It seems like it started right from the time man walked on the Earth. But, the jewelry they used to wear was not like we make it today.

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The ancient people wore jewelry made of stones, feathers, bones, seashells, and colorful pebbles. These pebbles were the gems that humans learned to cut, transforming into brilliant diamonds. The brooches were used as pins to hold the clothes. Rings and pendants were the signs of identification, authority, rank, or used as royal seals.

In the early ages, jewelry and ornaments were worn as a symbol of honor. Kings were to give these jewels to their wives on the birth of a boy child.

The hunters would wear them for pride and good luck for their next hunt. Tribes would give adornments to their chief as a privilege usually made with teeth, claws, bones, and horns. And some would wear them for good luck in the future and much more.

Whatever the reasons or beliefs were and are behind wearing jewelry, it’ll be the undying notion of attraction and beauty.

Today, people are more driven by the sentimental attachments for a piece of jewelry they wear.
The jewelry that we craft today is more stylish and refined, complementing the real beauty. But it’s selection depends upon affordability.

The 925 silver jewelry is the most affordable ornament one could wear and still look stylish and elegant.


What is the 925 Silver Jewelry?

Silver is an affordable material compared to gold and diamonds. But, still, silver jewelry is not composed entirely of pure silver. Because it is not easily possible to create intricate designs with silver only. So, a few potions of copper are also added to form the silver ornaments.

However, sterling silver has 92.5% silver, and the rest of it is copper. Hence the sterling silver is often called 925 sterling silver or just 925 silver.

The silver itself is soft and easily molded into shapes but can’t hold longer on its own. Thus adding other metals like copper is necessary to introduce hardness to it. The 925 silver jewelry made of sterling silver solely fulfills this purpose.

The Couples Jewellry ­– offers quality and intriguing jewelry, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and much more that comply with the 925 sterling silver. We pledge to deliver and bring value to your life.
Best Options for 925 Silver Jewelry

1. Love Heart – Best Friends Bracelets

925 sterling silver
These bracelets are minimal in design and a bold statement to your style. It has a heart shape with a text on it, a star plump, and a crystal pendant.

The sophisticated yet stylish bracelet has been crafted using sterling silver and makes you stand out. It is a highly durable silver chain bracelet and comfortable to wear.

Make a glamorous gift to your loved ones with sterling silver and gold options available whatever suits them best.


Material 925 Sterling Silver, 9ct Gold
Weight 26 g
Length 17.5 cm



Customized heart shape to write anything you love.
A classic style gift for your partner.
An adorable bracelet that collects compliments.


2. Personalized Infinite Symbol CZ Ring

925 sterling silver
If you have found the love of your life, this ring is the perfect gift to show your unending love for her.

The CZ engagement ring has a stunning style with an infinity symbol to express your infinite love. It is resistant to scratching and keeps your finger free of irritation. The cubic zirconia diamonds are shiny, hand-cut, and hand-polished.

The “S925” hallmark indicates that it is purely made from 925 sterling silver. This quality-made gorgeous ring will be a symbol of great affection to your special one.


Material 925 Sterling Silver
Ring Size 6, 7, 8, 9
Diamonds Cubic Zirconia (CZ)


A ring to express your eternal love.
A gorgeous engagement ring for your partner.
Comfortable to wear every day.


4. Wedding Heart Style Silver Ring

925 sterling silver
This new year is the right time to ask the lovely girlfriend of yours to be your life partner.

This is a minimal design wedding ring with a heart-shaped main crystal. The tiny zircons are engraved on the sides providing a vintage style twist. The zircons are hand polished and shiny enough to look like real diamonds.

The heart style ring is a 925 sterling silver ring that does not harm or irritate your fingers or skin. Such rings make a breathtaking moment when you ask her out to be the partner for life.


Material 925 Sterling Silver
Surface Width 10 mm
Main Crystal 1.75-carat
Size 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Pearls Cubic Zirconia (CZ)


The perfect ring for the proposals.
A classic design for a wedding or engagement.
Quality crystals that look like diamonds.

5. Love “Mom” Crystal Rhinestone Heart Necklace

925 sterling silver
A heart necklace perfect for your life partner and mother. It is a dazzling necklace made with silver to wear alone or with a combination of other necklaces or chains.

It comes with a strand of zirconia engraved on a heart-shaped pendant. The cable chain is durable and adjustable according to the neck size. A perfect love necklace for mothers, fiances, and wives.


Material 925 Sterling Silver
Length 47 + 6.5 cm
Pendant Size 2.6 x 2.8 cm
Pearls Cubic Zirconia (CZ)


Dazzling zircon crystals that look like diamonds
The minimal design works with any outfit.
Ideal valentine gift for wife.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions about the 925 silver jewelry will help you to stay up to date for a better experience:

How to identify the original 925 sterling silver?

Although sterling silver jewelry is inexpensive than gold, fake forgery is being sold in the market, impersonating the real one. That’s why one should know the difference between real and fake 925 sterling silver jewelry.

Here are the specific points to consider while making a purchase:

1. Rub the jewelry using a soft white piece of cloth. If the black marks appear, it means the jewelry is formed using real sterling silver. The real sterling silver oxidizes and deteriorates with time, which causes black spots.
2. Dare to ask the jeweler to do a Nitric acid test as the fake one will lose its color.
3. The real sterling silver will not have any odor or smell. If it does, it means there is a high copper percentage, making it a fake one.
4. Use the magnet as it does not have any effect on silver and gold.
5. Not having the markings of “Ster,” “Sterling Silver,” or “925” in a hidden area of jewelry indicates that it is not real silver sterling.

How to make your 925 silver jewelry last longer?

If you want to make your silver jewelry last longer, follow the instructions below:

Wear it as often as possible, and don’t let it tarnish on its own.
Clean and dry after wearing to wipe out any impurities and tarnish.
Try to keep it in a zipped bag and a cold, dry place to reduce the impurities and stains.
Avoid moisture at any cost to enhance the life span.


Jewelry has been a beautiful ornament for ages. Whether it be a bracelet or ring, both men and women can benefit from them.

And if you are willing to start this new year with memorable moments, then gift any 925 silver jewelry. Make your lovely wife, mother, or sister cherished with a beautiful gift full of love that will make them happier at this beautiful time of the year.

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